Update 14/08/18 with more lovely scarves

Last week (starting 05/08/18) was really amazing on my favourite Purse Forum thread: “Scarf of the Day 2018 –   Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?”. The theme for the week was “Your Cheating Heart”, in other words, showing off members’ non-Hermès scarves, including those made by Givenchy, Chanel, Gucci, Ferragamo, Liberty, Leonard, Cartier, Tiffany, Longchamp, Pucci, and many more. There were some absolutely gorgeous scarves shown and modelled, ranging from the highly expensive to much cheaper ones. We also saw scarves and shawls from more obscure (to me at least) designers from all over the world. I don’t think that I have ever seen so many jaw-dropping scarves in one place – simply stunning.

I also posted some of my own non-H scarves which I have already shown you on here. But I have uploaded some of my collages below as reminders:

Liberty of London - Blue Hera scarf

Liberty of London – Blue Hera scarf

Liberty of London - Purple Hera scarf

Liberty of London – Purple Hera scarf

Liberty of London - Hera cashmere/silk shawl

Liberty of London – Hera cashmere/silk shawl

Liberty of London - Ianthe silk scarf

Liberty of London – Ianthe silk scarf

Liberty of London - Ianthe varuna wool shawl

Liberty of London – Ianthe varuna wool shawl

Scarves by Aspinal and Karine Assaf

Scarves by Aspinal and Karine Assaf

Shibori silk shawl by Cathayana

Shibori silk shawl by Cathayana

If you want to explore some other designers, have a look at the Purse Forum theme week, starting from here: Your Cheating Heart (just scroll down the page a little).

Reading Roundup tomorrow, I hope.

Best wishes,


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Update 13/08/18 and a pretty reveal!

I decided that my new Victoria handbag needed dressing up a bit. It looks lovely with the Hermès Jaguar Quetzal scarf (but I wear that), so I looked for something in similar or toning colours. Members of The Purse Forum gave me some ideas and this is the result…

Here is the parcel…

The cute little Hermès cylindrical box…

The ribbon is undone…

A peep inside…

And here it is: Hermès twilly Coup de Fouet au Bloc in such pretty colours…

Another view…

Draped over my handbag – such a perfect choice!

Tied in a bow…

Yes, I will write a Scarf of the Moment post about this design as soon as I can gather enough information. Coup de Fouet is a classic Hermès design by Florence Manlik that has appeared in many formats over the years. This twilly version is from the Spring/Summer 2018 season and is in the same colour family as my Jaguar Quetzal: mauve, violet, jaune soufre. One half has the images of horses and curling whips on both sides in shades of purple, blue, green and yellow. The other half has a floral paisley pattern on a violet background on both sides.

There is another reveal to come, perhaps later in the week…

Best wishes,


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Diet and exercise plan #04: 10/08/18

Every Friday I am hoping to be able to write out my exercise levels from the week before and perhaps any relevant comments about my diet. I will measure myself every four weeks and wait until my November hospital appointment to be weighed.

Chair gym

Chair gym

Oh dear! This turned into a really rubbish week in terms of exercise. I had hoped that I would be able to carry on the good work of the previous two weeks and also add in sessions using the Chair Gym, but it was not to be. The heat at the beginning really knocked me back and I spent most days in bed gasping for breath. At the end of the week, I was unwell and in a very bad place mentally. So, exercise has taken a back seat although I did keep to my diet plan, despite Lovely (grrrrr) Husband buying chocolate cake! Chocolate cake, I tell you!

Anyway, here is what has happened since last Saturday.

Exercise last week

Saturday 04/08/18:

  • Bad day. Very low physically and mentally. No exercise but did try to do things for myself, including going up and down the stairs several times, and I did keep to the diet.

Sunday 05/08/18:

  • Another poor day. Very hot and felt poorly and weak all day. Tried to do a few things myself. Kept to diet.

Monday 06/08/18:

  • Oh dear, another bad day. Coughing a lot and wheezing so cannot exercise.

Tuesday 07/08/18:

  • A lot better today. Up early for an appointment so managed a walk around the block as well. Felt a bit stiff in my hips, but recovered fairly quickly.

Wednesday 08/08/18:

  • Poorly again today as I had quite a bad night with lots of coughing. Did manage some housework tasks, including dashing outside to bring in the washing as it was raining!

Thursday 09/08/18:

  • Very low physically and mentally so ended up in bed all day. Elder Son looked after me by bringing me cups of tea and making my meals.

Friday 10/08/18:

  • Improvement today. Got up and went for a walk. Was very wheezy when I got home and also very tired, but I managed a few household tasks.

All I can say about this week is “onwards and upwards”. Let’s hope things get better next week.

Happy weekend to you all and best wishes,


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Update 09/08/18 and some much needed humour

Living with a family member who has massive ASD meltdowns is very hard and I often post on here, and on Facebook, when I am struggling with this. My son is also very sweet and kind, looks after me so well and tries very hard to get the best out of his life.

One of my favourite things about him is his sense of humour. It is a little childish and naive, which suits me fine! His laugh is so infectious and we often find things to giggle over. He found a video which set us both off and I have posted it below. The last bit, particularly, finished us and we were laughing so much that I got an ache in my side.

Here it is…

I will post an update about my Diet and Exercise plan tomorrow.

Best wishes,


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Reading roundup 08/08/18

What with the heat, my concentration issues and a complicated book, I have only finished one this week. Bad Librain!

The Kill Room by Jeffery Deaver

The Kill Room by Jeffery Deaver

The book was The Kill Room by Jeffery Deaver (#10 in The Lincoln Rhyme series). This is the blurb:

It was a “million-dollar bullet,” a sniper shot delivered from over a mile away. Its victim was no ordinary mark: he was a United States citizen, targeted by the United States government, and assassinated in the Bahamas.
The nation’s most renowned investigator and forensics expert, Lincoln Rhyme, is drafted to investigate. While his partner, Amelia Sachs, traces the victim’s steps in Manhattan, Rhyme leaves the city to pursue the sniper himself. As details of the case start to emerge, the pair discovers that not all is what it seems.
When a deadly, knife-wielding assassin begins systematically eliminating all evidence–including the witnesses–Lincoln’s investigation turns into a chilling battle of wits against a cold-blooded killer.

I found the book a bit of a struggle to read and gave it three stars. This is my review on Goodreads:

I mostly enjoyed this book, although it was very over-complicated in parts and could have been cut down quite a lot. It took me a long time to finish it (for me) as there seemed to be many unnecessary fillers. Reading some of the other reviews on here, I perhaps should look for some of the earlier books in the series for sharper plots. The characterisation was still good and I liked some of the plot twists, but this needed a good editor.

The Winter Children by Lulu Taylor

The Winter Children by Lulu Taylor

Now I am going back to my latest book: The Winter Children by Lulu Taylor. Perhaps an odd book to choose in this long hot Summer!

Happy Reading to you all!

Best wishes,


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Update 07/08/18

Another parcel arrived this morning, but I am not going to reveal the contents on the blog yet! My lovely readers will just have to wait a while 😉. Here is a small teaser…

I think this is the last of the really hot days for now and I will be very pleased if I can dress up a bit more if the weather cools down. I really like writing the Outfit of the Day posts, and making collages, as this makes me try out different combinations of clothes and accessories – shopping my wardrobe is the phrase I have read somewhere.

The last few days brought me down a bit as I was ill and unable to take any exercise. Things improved today as I had to get up early to have a blood test at the local hospital. When we got home, I decided to go for a walk around the block straight away. I felt a bit creaky, but managed fine and was not too wheezy when I got home.

This afternoon, I sat in the garden reading. The temperature felt just right under the parasol and it was so pleasant – apart from the odd wasp flying around!

Tomorrow I will be catching up with my reading on a Reading Roundup post.

Best wishes,


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Update 06/08/18 and a lovely reveal!

Well, I had a long wait but it was well worth it! I won’t go into all of the detail, but let me simply say that Massaccesi’s good customer service sorted everything out in the end.

So let’s enjoy the reveal…

Here is the parcel after unwrapping the plastic…

Loads of tissue paper showing careful packing…

The open box with just a hint of what is to come…

Ooh! Gorgeous… 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Out of the box: presenting Victoria in amethyst pebbled leather with pale gold hardware and a lilac lining by Marco Massaccesi…

Here is the back view…

The inside with the pretty lilac lining – such excellent quality. First showing the internal zipped pocket…

Then the leather edged slip pockets…

High quality pale gold hardware…

With the “wings” out…

I bought this bag to go with this lovely scarf – Jaguar Quetzal by Hermès – amongst other things. What do you think? In real life all of the colours match and blend beautifully.

Another view with the scarf…

Last two! Firstly showing the bag with the sides in…

Second photo showing the sides out…

I have another small item on the way that will also look lovely with this handbag and I will model it all when I am feeling better and the weather is cool enough to wear a scarf!

Hope you like my new bag as much as I do.

Best wishes,


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