Scarf of the moment: Le Jardin de la Maharani

I freely admit that I am absolutely crazy about beautiful scarves. Supple silk with gorgeous patterns gives me so much pleasure and adds a great deal to my fairly practical wardrobe.

For a number of reasons – illness, retirement – I tend to wear jeans or jogging pants with a jumper or t-shirt on a daily basis. As I spend so much time either in bed or sitting around at home, these are comfortable and easy to put on and off as necessary. So scarves and jewellery give my clothes and my mind a real lift.

In a later post, I am going to talk about my scarf journey (that sounds a bit pretentious, but you will see what I mean eventually). What I intend to do is focus on one of my scarves, probably on a weekly basis, if I can manage that. Yes, I do have a lot!

Le Jardin de la Maharani by Hermès

Jardin de la Maharani - Hermès

Le Jardin de la Maharani by Annie Faivre for Hermès

This gorgeous scarf was designed by the artist Annie Faivre for the famous design house Hermès’ Autumn/Winter 2017 collection. I will talk about Hermès scarves in greater detail in the future, let’s just say for now that they are the pinnacle of scarf ownership! I have to save up for months for each one, but, to me, they are worth the cost. This is one of two that I have just bought.

This scarf is in heavy twill silk and measures 90cm each way. It has the famous Hermès rolled hem and the colours are stunning. The image with me wearing the scarf (sorry that it is a bit blurred, but my hands shake ) and the tall rectangular photo further down show the true colours. They are navy, sky blue, grey, white and other blue shades. The rolled hem is pale blue and there are images of fantastical beasts in grey around the hem. The square image of the scarf is more dull and doesn’t really show the true beautiful colours, but does show the intricate pattern.

The scarf also comes in 12 alternative colourways. It was very hard to choose mine!

Almost all Hermès scarves have what is called a scarf story – these are usually shown on their website, although the company seems to be moving them into scarf booklets instead. Helpful people on The Purse Forum (link in the sidebar) gave me the story for this scarf:

Freely inspired by Mughal motifs, this scarf is dedicated to the Maharani of Jaipur, born Princess Gayatri Devi of Cooch Behar, the third wife of the Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II. Her tastes and culture were equally inspired by India and Europe. She marked her time through her political engagement and her determination to bring education to Indian women. At the beginning of the 1940s she created the girl’s school that bears her name. Twenty years later she became a Member of Parliament, elected by the largest majority in Indian history. The Maharani of Jaipur loved nature and gardens. with this scarf, Annie Faivre wanted to pay homage to her by “offering her flowers”.

Maharani collage #01

Le Jardin de la Maharani – winter clothing suggestions

The collage above shows some clothes I might wear with this scarf in the winter: grey cashmere jumper, navy wool mix cardigan, velour jogging pants or jeans, navy cashmere jumper with diamond earrings (60th birthday present) and a pretty leather bracelet by Ferragamo.

The way I have tied the scarf in the above image is called an asymmetrical wrap. It is a lovely way of showing off a nice border like this one. You simply fold the scarf in half into a rectangle, then grab hold of the diagonally opposite corners, drape around the neck and tie. I learned this scarf tie from MaiTai’s wonderful website (link in the sidebar) where she demonstrates a huge range of ways of wearing scarves with step-by-step instructions and videos.

In the summer, I might swap to linen pants and a white T-shirt with navy sandals. The enamel bracelets here are by Halcyon Days:

Maharani collage #02

Le Jardin de la Maharani – summer clothing suggestions

By the way, these two collages were amongst my first attempts, so please bear with me whilst my skills, hopefully improve!

(Edited on 27/01/17 to add scarf story).
(Edited on 01/04/17 to add in alternative colourways).


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3 Responses to Scarf of the moment: Le Jardin de la Maharani

  1. Blighty says:

    Once again fabulous! As you can tell, I am loving reading through all your posts! Also I now have a serios yearning for a Ferragamo leather bracelet. The blue one in this post is divine! Xxx


    • The Librain says:

      I have two Ferragamo leather bracelets in this style – navy and purple; two in the Vara bow style – both shades of blue. I never get them full price (around £100 plus), but wait until the sales when they are usually half price with free postage. I think you have just missed a sale and the next one will be in the summer. I also have a couple of their scarves too. They are cheaper than Hermès and they also put them in the sale, but H scarves are thicker silk and altogether in a different league!

      Lovely to see you posting, Pudfish! X


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