Update 06/04/17

I have very little to post about today. Last night, I was up for hours with awful acid reflux pain, which continued this morning. I did get up for a while and watched TV, then came up to bed for a read. Elder Son is still quite ill and has been taking it out on us all morning – ASD rages are sooo wonderful! [sarcasm alert] 😬😬😬

Tomorrow’s post highlighting my first ever Hermès scarf, La Promenade de Platon, has already been prepared and is scheduled to appear at 19.00. I hope you enjoy it.

La Promenade de Platon - Hermès - in a waterfall knot

La Promenade de Platon РHerm̬s Рin a waterfall knot

I hope readers have a very happy rest of the week and weekend.



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Retired School Librarian
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